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Phases of the Moon for october The lunar month is 29 or 30 lunar days. During each month, the Moon passes through four phases, first in a new moon, then in the first quarter, the full moon, and in the last quarter.

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The phase change is connected with the fact that depending on the location of the Sun, the Earth and the Moon, the magnitude of the moon's surface illuminated by the Sun changes. Natal birth chart online This is a personal horoscope, which is based on the time and place of birth of a person.

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    A consultation is like meeting up with your best friend who just had a sit down with the universe and has the inside scoop. As a fellow intuitive and Pisces I trust her wisdom and guidance. Connect with me on all my Social Media. For example, If a lunar month contains the Rain Water Center Point, then it is the first month of the lunar calendar, as known as the Tiger month. The name of this leap month is the same as previous lunar month. The reason to assign leap months is that we want the moon cycle to harmonize with the sun cycle.

    Because one year has about If we put seven extra months in 19 years, sun and moon should be back to the same sky position. However, That means " Leap months in years" is a more accurate way to assign Leap months. So far, no one has lived long enough to observe the entire cycle.

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    • Anyway, the principles of the Chinese Calendar use the following four rules which the ancient Chinese made them thousand years ago. In the Chinese Lunar Calendar, the new moon day is the first day of a lunar month and the length of a lunar month is the length between two new moon days. Without this knowledge, above-mentioned, most people will be confused about the solar months and lunar months. They may think all Chinese Fortune-Telling system use lunar months. Actually, the Fortune-Telling system called Eight Characters only uses the solar month, not the lunar month. The other popular system called Dipper uses solar month and lunar month together.

      The counting system of Day is the Stem-Branch day cycle system. No one knows who invented the Stem-Branch for Day counting system, but legend has it that characters of Day Stem-Branch were found on Oracle bones.

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      The Stem-Branch was applied into the Year system around B. Almost every Chinese dynasty had its own calendar. One reason was that the new emperor needed to announce the new rules including the new calendar to the public. The other reason was that the astronomer's officers had to make some adjustments on the calendar in order to match the sun and moon in the sky. The first day of a year has been changed many times in Chinese calendars. The current Chinese calendar uses the first day of the first month of Tiger month as the first day of a year, which was initially adopted by the Shiah dynasty B.

      Today, some people consider the Winter Solstice as the first day of a year in the Chinese Fortune-Telling System, because that makes more sense from the astronomy view.

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      The Chinese Lunar Calendar system is not perfect, because the length of solar month is not always greater than the length of a lunar month. As a result, a lunar month might contain two solar Center Points. Those months are found in the winter of , , , , , and so on.